Realtors vs. real estate agents

Ever wondered why some websites advertise real estate agents and others advertise Realtors? It’s not a simple matter of preference — the differences between the two are deeper, and include the level of expertise you’ll get.

Realtors are certified and endorsed by the National Association of Realtors. The term “Realtor” is actually a registered collective membership mark, and can’t be used by those who aren’t members. Any realtor that buys or sells homes is also a real estate agent, but not all real estate agents are Realtors.

The qualifications of becoming a Realtor through the NAR go beyond the basic state qualifications for real estate agents. All Realtors must have a valid license and be active in the industry, in addition to carrying clean records of conduct. Realtors must subscribe to a specific code of ethics, going above and beyond practices used by regular agents.

That includes best practices in marketing and advertising, as well as partnering with other brokerages in their client’s best interest. Realtors also have access to more resources than real estate agents, including a nationwide network of support.

All of our agents at Sterling Properties are certified Realtors. We take our relationship with our clients and community very seriously, and hold ourselves to the strictest of standards. Learn more by calling 989-362-4585.

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